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In November 2018 Bright Materials participated with great success at Ecomondo fair, an important international event for new technologies at the service of municipalities and for renewable energy sources.
And it is exactly in this context of renewable energy that the properties of the luminescent bright glass aggregate, which accumulates the daylight and release it during the dark hours, are well integrated, thus becoming a source of constantly renewable and natural energy.

In collaboration with leading companies in the field of structural, draining and architectural flooring, we have presented the first photoluminescent cycle-pedestrian track.

The track was made in continuous operation, respecting the traditional laying techniques, with the addition of Luminescent Bright Materials glass grit.


In fact, the classic machinery and techniques for laying any flooring are compatible with the Bright Materials luminescent glass agglomerate.

The proposal of photo luminescent cycling and pedestrian path is turned to municipalities and companies specializing in road applications, to give the people more security in the darkness. Particular interest was also found in the design and maintenance of public and private parks and mountain paths, notoriously endowed with little, if nothing, electric lighting. 

The use of the Luminescent Bright Materials glass granulate offers added value in terms of visibility and safety.

Even sidewalks and pedestrian zebra crossings can become more visible and safe in the night thanks to the addition of the luminescent Bright Materials glass aggregate, since the emission of light accumulated during the day can last even 5/6 hours in the case of absolute darkness.